IMPACT – Winter 2017


Dear Readers,

The authors who have written for this issue of Impact are grappling with their place in our world and in the classrooms where they teach. As a result, they have taken on some heady topics!

We hear from an anthropologist who philosophizes about the relationship between the proposed planetary epoch called the Anthropocene and its challenge to anthropology; a Romance Language professor who shows us how “spaced learning practices” encourage students to better understand the people whose language they study; and a faculty member who reflects on his journey on the zigzag path of teaching and learning. Each of these authors is reflective and honest about what he believes.

Whether they are paying homage to the “outliers” of nineteenth-century British literature who taught themselves and thereby altered pedagogy, charting a study of empathy, or picking their way through the latest tomes on interdisciplinary teaching, our reviewers are working furiously to help us make better sense of the universe we inhabit and how we can help others make sense of it. I thank them for their courage and hard work!

Megan Sullivan, Editor