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Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual online journal that publishes scholarly and creative non-fiction essays about the theory, practice and assessment of interdisciplinary education. Impact is produced by the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning at the Boston University College of General Studies. Impact accepts submissions throughout the year and publishes issues in February and July. Please submit your essays for consideration at https://citl.submittable.com/submit.

Impact provides free and open access to all of its research publications. There is no charge to authors for publication, and the journal abides by a CC-BY license. Authors published in Impact retain copyright on their articles, except for any third-party images and other materials added by Impact, which are subject to copyright of their respective owners. Authors are therefore free to disseminate and re-publish their articles, subject to any requirements of third-party copyright owners and subject to the original publication being fully cited. Visitors may download and forward articles subject to the citation requirements; all copyright notices must be displayed. If readers want to search by journal subject they might use these words: education, graduate, undergraduate, interdisciplinary, disciplines, curriculum, higher education.

Editor-in-Chief: Lynn O’Brien Hallstein, College of General Studies, Boston University

Book Review Editor: Christopher Coffman, College of General Studies, Boston University

Editors: All editors of Impact are from the College of General Studies, Boston University.

  • John Boonstra
  • Indu Ohri
  • Robin Hulbert
  • Matthew Parfitt
  • Gregg Jaeger
  • Joelle Renstrom
  • Kathryn Lamontagne
  • Matthew Stewart
  • Kari Lavalli
  • Kathleen Vandenberg

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Caroline Brown, University of Montreal
  • Lisa Gitelman, New York University
  • Linn Cary Mehta, Barnard College
  • Jana Funke, University of Exeter
  • Dawn Skorczewski, Brandeis University
  • Didem Vardar Ulu, Wellesley University

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