About the Authors

Summer 2014

Antonio Barrenechea is Associate Professor of English at the University of Mary Washington. His scholarship on inter-American literature and film has been published in Comparative Literature, Comparative American Studies, Symbiosis, and La Revista Iberoamericana, as well as in the collections America’s Worlds and the World’s Americas (2006) and Teaching and Studying the Americas (2010). He recently completed a book manuscript on the New World encyclopedic novel, and is starting a new project on the intersection of trash and trash cinemas.

August John Hoffman is currently a Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Psychology at Metropolitan State University. Dr. Hoffman’s current research projects at Metropolitan State University include the development of a community fruit tree orchard and community garden with students at Inver Hills Community College. Additionally, Dr. Hoffman has published several books and academic research articles, including the texts Unity through Community Service Activities; Understanding Sport Psychology and Human Behavior; and Stop Procrastinating Now! He has completed a textbook: The Historical and Philosophical Influences of Evolutionary Psychology: A Darwinian Approach to Understanding Human Behavior.

Chris Mays is a graduate student in English with a specialization in Rhetoric and Composition at Illinois State University. His dissertation looks at the concept of “stubbornness” as it functions in a variety of public and scientific discourses. His 2012 co-authored article entitled “Priming Terministic Inquiry: Toward a Methodology of Neurorhetoric” appeared in Rhetoric Review.

J. Moffett Walker is a retired teacher/counselor who writes articles, essays and books. A Mississippi resident, she enjoys sharing her personal experiences of growing up in a time when segregation shaped all she knew. Walker, a graduate of Jackson State University and Purdue University, has published seven books: Church Folk, Muh, The Powerful Web of Kinfolk, Muh’s Cookbook: Recipes 1930 and Before, The Mississippi I Love, Blueprints of Sir Michael and Earth Angel. Walker writes for The Community News Flash and is penning her memoir, Daybreak in Mississippi and is co-writing a biography, Fancy (http://www.blueprintsofsirmichael.com/).

Nathaniel A. Rivers is an assistant professor of English at Saint Louis University. His current research addresses new materialism’s impact on public rhetorics such as environmentalism and urban design. He is at work on a book project currently titled “The Strange Defense of Rhetoric” and an edited collection (w/ Paul Lynch) exploring the impact of Bruno Latour on rhetoric and composition. His work has appeared in College Composition and Communication, Kairos, Rhetoric Review, Technical Communication Quarterly, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Enculturation, Janus Head, O-Zone, and Present Tense.

Dr. Laurence (Larry) Winters received his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Sociology from the Graduate Faculty of the New School University. He has been on faculty at Long Island University and Rutgers University and has held several positions in student life and student services at Rutgers. He was an education director at the Chubb Institute for computer training. He is currently on faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University and is the director of the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. This is the first in a series of planned articles on the interdisciplinary implications of 20th century Continental philosophers.