Impact – Summer 2017

About the Authors

Rick Cole and Beth Kramer are members of the Rhetoric Division at Boston University’s College of General Studies. They have over a decade of experience teaching composition and research skills as part of an interdisciplinary program, and are currently studying new ways to integrate multimodal learning into the writing classroom.

Julie Gafney holds a PhD in English Literature from the CUNY Graduate Center. She has taught over 15 undergraduate courses at John Jay College, New Jersey City University, and the University of Chicago. She currently works on academic policy at Hunter College.

Bethany Holmstrom is an Assistant Professor of English at LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York. She received her PhD in Theatre from CUNY Graduate Center.

John W. Mackey is Chair of the Social Sciences Division of Boston University’s College of General Studies, where he received the Peyton Richter Award for Interdisciplinary Teaching in 2016. He is a contributing author of The Modernization of the Western World: A Society Transformed and his work has appeared in Salon and We’re History.

Joshua Pederson is Assistant Professor of Humanities at Boston University. He is the author of The Forsaken Son: Child Murder and Atonement in Modern American Fiction (Northwestern, 2016), and he has published numerous essays on trauma theory and religion and literature.

Kate Peterson earned her MFA from Eastern Washington University where she has taught composition as an adjunct professor since 2014. Her chapbook of poems, Grist, won the Floating Bridge Prize and was published in 2016. Kate is currently the director of Get Lit! Programs.