Impact – Summer 2016

 Editorial Statement

Dear Readers,

How can the disciplines work together to address climate change? How can a teacher responsibly incorporate an environmental perspective into her teaching? Do digital anthologies contribute to student learning? Do students understand that globalization is not just a word, that it is a lived experience? These are some of the questions this issue’s authors are pondering. Our book reviewers too are querying what it means – or doesn’t – to teach in a truly interdisciplinary context.

In our summer 2016 issue of Impact, scholars with years and decades of experience tell us what works for them or what seems reasonable and hopeful given what they know, how they think, and even where they live. We may or may not agree with them. Our classrooms and luncheon series and readings lists may require us to do things differently, may compel us to make alternative arrangements. However, as readers we cannot help but admire our colleagues’ choices, to marvel at the way they have tried to find solutions to pressing needs in their schools and communities and worlds. May their forays help us discover our own paths.


Megan Sullivan, Editor