Hepatitis C

Under USAID’s EQUIP project, led by Right to Care in South Africa, we estimated the costs of providing effective treatment for hepatitis C (HCV) in Ukraine and Myanmar. Our results and other relevant publications are listed below.

Publications and Documents

Benade M, Rosen S, Antoniak S, Chasela C, Stopolianska J, Barnard T, et al. Impact of direct-acting antiviral treatment of hepatitis C on the quality of life of adult patients in Ukraine. BMC Infectious Diseases 2022; 650:22.

Antoniak S, Chasela C, Freiman JM, Stopolianska Y, Barnard T, Gandhi MM, Chew KW, Sanne I, Ivanchuk I, Antonyak S, Tsenilova Z, Tretiakov V, Dible J, Vitek E, Drame N, Minior T, Cavenaugh C, Rosen S, for the EQUIP Ukraine HCV Project Team. Treatment outcomes and costs of a simplified antiretroviral treatment strategy for hepatitis C among HCV and HIV co-infected patients in Ukraine. JGH Open 2022; https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/jgh3.12839.

Thaung YM, Chasela C, Chew K, Minior T, Thwin A, Bijl M, Mohamed S, Naiing a, Wose Kinge C, Sein YY, Drame N, Marange F, van der Horst C, Thwin H, Freiman M, Gandhi M, Thura S, Xulu T, Barralon M, Cavanaugh C, Rosen S, Kyi K, Sanne I. Treatment outcomes and costs of a simplified antiviral treatment strategy for hepatitis C among monoinfected and HIV and/or hepatitis B virus co-infected patients in Myanmar. J Viral Hepatitis 2021;28:147–158. PMID 32935438.

Report on cost of HCV treatment and monitoring tests in Ukraine (August 2019)

Popping S, Nichols B, Rijnders B, et al. Targeted HCV core antigen monitoring among HIV-positive men who have sex with men is cost-savingJ Virus Erad. 2019;5:179–190.