Co-Morbidities: Related Work on Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, NCDs, and Other Conditions

Although the focus of our work has been HIV, we have also conducted research on a number of other conditions that are either co-morbidities of HIV, like tuberculosis, or are related to it in terms of service delivery, such as chronic non-communicable diseases. You can find our research on these topics by following the links below.

Publications and other documents (general; see below for disease-specific links)

Does engagement in HIV care affect screening, diagnosis, and control of noncommunicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa? A systematic review and meta-analysis Emma M KileelAmy ZhengJacob BorMatthew P FoxNigel J CrowtherJaya A GeorgeSiyabonga KhozaSydney RosenWillem DF VenterFrederick RaalPatricia HibberdAlana T Brennan. AIDS Behav 2024.


Brennan AT, Kileel EM, Khoza S, Crowther NJ, Bor J, Fox MP, Rosen S, Hibberd P, Raal F, Chetty K, Mlisana K, George J. Chronic kidney disease prevalence, progression, and associated risk factors among South African patients receiving creatinine tests in public sector health care facilities. SSRN preprint.