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Welcome New Students, Spring 2022!

We look forward to welcoming a wonderful group of new students into our programs this spring. Enjoy getting to know a few of them here. Ana Acevedo-Barga Whether brewing fresh coffee, baking up a hot batch of chocolate chip cookies, or serving a 20-course meal, my delight in the experience of dining is everlasting. Food […]

Course Spotlight: Sociology of Taste

MET ML 716, Sociology of Taste, with Dr. Connor Fitzmaurice, will be offered as a hybrid class in the spring 2022 semester. Taste has an undeniable personal immediacy: producing visceral feelings ranging from delight to disgust. As a result, in our everyday lives we tend to think about taste as purely a matter of individual […]

Course Spotlight: Sustainable Food Systems

This course will examine the contemporary food system through a multi-disciplinary lens.  Taught by Chef Michael Leviton, the course will allow students to put readings and ideas into culinary practice. By examining the often-competing concerns from other domains, including economic (both micro and macro—social), social welfare, social justice and social diversity, health and wellness, food […]

International Education Week Cookbook Giveaway

Wednesday, November 17; 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground Fuller Building, 808 Commonwealth Avenue As part of BU’s International Education Week, Boston University students, faculty, and staff are invited to explore a new cuisine by choosing a free cookbook at this event. We have culled through our collection for duplicates, […]