Pots and Pans, Bodkins and Trowels: Reflections on Mary Beaudry

The Gastronomy community is invited to register for this symposium to be held on Saturday April 30, 1 pm to 6 pm. Registration is available for in person attendance or via zoom.

Dr. Mary C. Beaudry (1950-2020) was an influential scholar, professor, and beloved fixture of Boston archaeology. This symposium brings together speakers and panelists who will discuss Dr. Beaudry’s scholarly legacy across a range of disciplines and at the points of intersection between them: gastronomy and culinary arts, the archaeology and history of food, anthropology, material culture studies, museum studies, women’s studies, preservation studies, and American studies.

Through our invited speakers and a panel discussion, we will explore Dr. Beaudry’s contributions and continuing influence in our work, from small finds and object biographies, to the sensoriality and materiality of dining, to examinations of landscape and architecture, to telling stories about daily life using everyday objects and spaces.


1:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks, Karen Metheny

1:10 The Interdisciplinary Life of Mary Beaudry, Rebecca Alssid

1:30 Pots, Pans, and Stills: Millet’s Ancient Journey from Nile, Veneto, and Whole Foods, James McCann

1:50 Bodkins, Beads, and Buttons: Dressing the Part in 17th-Century Massachusetts, Diana Loren

2:25 Pots, Pans, and Labor: A Birds-Eye View of the History of the Kitchen in America, Nancy Carlisle

2:45 Finding Feminist Meaning in Cooking and its History , Barbara Haber

3:05 Discussion

3:30 Panel Discussion: David Carballo, Edward L. Bell, Ann-Eliza Lewis, Daniel Wilson, and Stephen A. Mrozowski, Megan J. Elias, discussant, Millie Rahn, moderator

4:45 Life with Mary: Tales and Tributes, with a recorded tribute from Jacques Pépin, Merry White, moderator

5:00 Reception and a toast to Mary 

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