The Redstone Film Festival 2020

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“Leve Me Be”
Director: Natalie Kulick ’20BA
Writer: Natalie Kulick ’20BA
Producer: Brennan Zhou ’20BA
Cinematographer: Rachel Dougherty ’20BA
Editor: Carlos Garcia ’19BA
A young woman tries to move on from her past, but an unexpected visitor makes it hard for her to avoid. Ultimately, she must decide if she is really ready to let go.
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“Off Beat”
Director: Derin Kiyak ’19MFA
Writer: Derin Kiyak ’19MFA
Producer: Eric Moots    ’19MS  Songxin Xie ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Saad Soombro ’19MFA
Editor: Songxin Xie ’19MFA
A pizza delivery man, stuck in his comfort zone, discovers the world of Ballroom Dancing. After finding intimacy in his life, he will have to break out of his comfort zone, in order to dance at a competition.
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“Pennybrook Rd.”
Drama / Thriller
Director: Emad Barakat ’19MFA
Writer: Arianna Andrews
Producer: Songxin Xie ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Roy de la Maza ’19BA
Editor: Emad Barakat ’19MFA  Carlos Garcia
An accident haunts a soon-to-be mother.
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“The Beez & The Chickadeez”
Director: Christopher Milton ’19MFA
Writer: Kayla Richardson ’19MFA
Producer: Songxin Xie ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Johnathan Sokean Ouk ’19MFA
Editor: Nick Sweetser ’18BA  Christopher Milton ’19MFA
A coming of age tale about a young couple in their senior year of high school who’s friends make them believe they need to lose their virginity. Little do they know their quest for sex becomes a little complex.
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Director: Kevin Rogers ’19MFA
Writer:Kevin Rogers ’19MFA  Patrick Kelley
Producer: Eric Moots ’19MS  Kevin Rogers ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Saad Yousuf ’19MFA
Editor: Neal Wynne ’19BA
Tides – a short film – follows clam diggers, Chris and Fred, who search for something more than what they find in their holes.
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Realistic Drama
Director: Rachel Walden ’17MFA
Writer: Rachel Walden ’17MFA Nadia Cross ’17MFA
Producer: Neil Sauvage ’17MFA
Cinematographer: Andrew Fewsmith ’17MFA
Editor: Nick Sweetser  ’17BA Luca Balser’17BA
TUCK is a coming-of-age drama about a young man’s choice to accept an opportunity that will take him away from his struggling family and working class town.
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Redstone Film Festival Awards Show
Livestream – recorded April 24, 2020

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