FT468 – 2018 Fall

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“Burkin County”
Director: Peter Harrison ’19
Writer: Peter Harrison ’19
Producer: Eric Moots ’19
Cinematographer: Neal Wynne ’19
Editor: Carlos Garcia ’19
Nick, a lonely adventurer knows just about every corner of his hometown Burkin county, or so he thinks. Upon meeting Andre, an older groundskeeper who dreams of adventure, he will be taken on an adventure he could never have imagined.
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Daffodil Season
Director:Emma Donahue ’19
Writer: Emma Donahue ’19
Producer: Emily Jerison ’19
Cinematographer: Roy de la Maza ’19
Editor: Sarah Daebler ’19
Claire must face her deepest fears when her painful past comes to haunt her.
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Director: Sam Millstein ’19
Writer: Sam Millstein ’19
Producer: Madeline Grubert ’19
Cinematographer: Sam Tetro ’19
Editor: Rachel Smith ’19
A romantic short that tells the story of Bruce and Megan at the start of their relationship and the strains that romantic insecurities can bring.
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Just Friends”
Director: Gabby Michel ’19
Writer: Gabby Michel ’19
Producer: Madeline Grubert ’19, Marisa Carreira ’19
Cinematographer: Sam Tetro ’19
Editor: Marco Gonzalez ’19
A trans boy works up the courage to come out to his childhood friend despite Patty’s desire to maintain her own sense of normalcy.
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Night Drive”
Director: Sabrina Greco ’19
Writer: Sabrina Greco ’19
Producer: Natalie Kulick ’19
Cinematographer: Carlos Garcia ’19
Editor: Elle Nava ’19
Julia wants to spend Halloween with her friends, until her brother Kevin hijacks her plans to teach her a lesson.
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Clean Record”
Director: Kate Rose Schnepf ’19
Writer: Kate Rose Schnepf ’19
Producer:Kate Wauschek ’19
Cinematographer: Chris Evora ’19
Editor: Songxin Xie ‘
When Officer Teddy Summers’ illicit secret is broadcast to the public, he must decide whether to protect his family’s reputation at the cost of another man’s freedom.

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