The Redstone Film Festival 2019

01 of 06     1.78(pillowbox) ProRes422 – stereo
Director: Anton Saich
Writer: Anton Saich
Producer: Yupei Xu
Cinematographer: Raymond Zhao
Editor: Raymond Zhao
A young girl waits to get picked up from soccer practice when a stranger arrives.
02 of 06     1.78 ProRes422HQ – stereo
“The Badge”
Director: Derek Matar
Writer: Derek Matar
Producer: Jimmy Bie
Cinematographer: Ellen Lee
Editor: Shannon Zensen, Rachel Smith
Eight-year old Kyle faces a dark truth when his mother takes him along on a late-night errand.
03 of 06     1.85(letterbox) ProRes422HQ – stereo
“Paper Plane”
Director: Emilio Subía
Writer: Emilio Subía, Sam Tetro
Producer: Jake Glaser
Cinematographer: Sam Tetro
Editor: Emilio Subía
A shy and lonesome middle-schooler gets pulled out of his mundane world when he tries to get a mysterious girl’s attention.
04 of 06     1.78 DNxHD – stereo
“Clean Record”
Director: Kate Rose Schnepf
Writer: Kate Rose Schnepf
Producer:Kate Wauschek
Cinematographer: Chris Evora
Editor: Songxin Xie
When Officer Teddy Summers’ illicit secret is broadcast to the public, he must decide whether to protect his family’s reputation at the cost of another man’s freedom.
05 of 06     1.85(letterbox) DNxHD – stereo
“The Bartender”
Director: Travis Newsad ’18MFA
Writer: Joe Apatow
Producer: Lelai Givens ’18MFA
Cinematographer: Darian Stansbury ‘18MFA
Editor: Nick Sweetser, Travis Newsad ‘18MFA
Natalie Hebert stars as Carly, the skillful bartender at a swanky hotel lounge, who’s thrown off her game by the arrival of Alan (Jay Dunigan), a powerful investor. As Alan and his leadership team celebrate with round after round of drinks, Carly is haunted by a dark secret about him, and becomes increasingly concerned for the safety of Heather (Isabel Emilia Simoes), the only woman in the group. Will Carly conquer her fear of confronting Alan in time to stop Heather from leaving with him―or will she be forever doomed to relive the past?
06 of 06     2.35(letterbox) DNxHD – stereo
“The Day Off”
Director: Carter Zhao ’18MFA
Writer: Edward Howarth, Carter Zhao’18MFA
Producer: Eric Moots ’17 ’20MSCarter Zhao ’18MFA
Cinematographer: Marshall Chen ’17 ’18MFA
Editor:Carter Zhao‘ 18MFA, Alvaro Congosto
After living in the shadows for years, two hard-working illegal Chinese immigrants decide to use their day off to have fun for the first time in their American lives. The journey begins when the older man, Zhang, forces the younger and more cautious Lin to leave their run down apartment and enjoy themselves for a day. While Lin initially thinks Zhang is asking for too much and causing nothing but trouble, he comes to understand Zhang better through the experience. By the end, Lin becomes the risk-taker and continues the journey to a free life. This story is very important to the team, as they have faced many of the challenges that Lin and Zhang overcome during the course of the film.

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