The Redstone Film Festival 2016

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Director: Emily Sheehan
Cinematographer: Emily Sheehan
Editor: Emily Sheehan, Tara Kavanaugh
Shot over a two-week span, in Hangzhou, China, Adaptation is a documentary that explores the process of ancient, Chinese batique, or tie-dye, and its place in the modern world. The film centers around Wuying and her daughter Yanjie; batique craftswomen who run a tie-dye experience pavilion. Mother and daughter are dedicated to preserving the craft, but are forced to grapple with the precarious nature of their livelihood, as more and more young people lose interest in the old ways. The documentary highlights their struggle to maintain the beauty of the past, yet also adjust and remain relevant in an increasingly progressive, and forward -thinking China.
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Director: Dan Behar
Writer: Dan Behar
Cinematographer: Lauren Kesler
Editor: Andrew Olson Evans
A single fatherโ€™s relationship with his daughter is tested by the upcoming jump rope competition.
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Director: Sara X. Robin
Writer: Sara X. Robin, Andrew Thalheimer
Cinematographer: Kellen Ryan
Editor: Navzad Dabu
In a world where mind-reading devices are used in the name of security, Fe is tempted to use the invasive technology against her friend Amy.
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Director: Tara Kavanaugh
Writer:ย Tara Kavanaugh
Cinematographer: Thomas Bassett
Editor:ย Tara Kavanaugh
A young woman struggles with relationship boundaries in an attempt to find satisfaction.
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Director: Anneliese Scheck
Writer:ย Anneliese Scheck
Producer: Sarah Schmidgall
Cinematographer: Fuxin Zhang
Editor:ย Emma Platek
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“You Are Here”
Director: Wes Palmer
Writer: Luke Shields
Cinematographer: Tom Hernquist
Editor: Emma Platek, Wes Palmer
A resourceful loner must stay one step ahead of a greasy cop to fulfill his dream of seeing the Grand Canyon.

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