The Redstone Film Festival 2018

01 of 07     2.35(letterbox) – stereo
“The Shepard”
Director: Luke Catena ’17
Writer: Luke Catena ’17
Producer: Luke Catena ’17
Cinematographer: Luke Catena ’17
Editor: Luke Catena ’17
A look into the life of Yu Xizhong, a shepherd in the ancient Yongtai Village located in China’s Gansu Province.
02 of 07     2.35(letterbox) ProRes422HQ – stereo
“The Boswell Incident”
Director: Wes Palmer ’16 ‘17MFA
Writer: Luke Shields
Producer: Ryan Metzler ‘17MFA
Cinematographer: Andrew Fewsmith ’16 ‘17MFA
Editor:Xander Marzella
When an alien abduction rocks the small town of Boswell, a skeptical deputy sheriff is determined to prove it’s a hoax.
03 of 07     1.78 DNxHD – stereo
“Nesting Doll”
Director: Jeffery Palmer ‘17MFA
Writer: Emily Kochman ‘17MFA
Producer: Jamie Companeschi ‘19MS
Cinematographer: Michael MacDuff ‘17MFA
Editor: Nick Sweetser ’17
When William’s older brother arrives the day before their mother relocates to a home for aging seniors, a document from their childhood inspires the men to search for a missing keepsake which might offer their mother one more happy memory with her two sons.
04 of 07     2.35(letterbox) – stereo
Director: James Logan Alexander ‘17MFA
Writer:James Logan Alexander ‘17MFA
Producer: Jeffery Palmer ‘17MFA
Cinematographer: Zachary Dripps ‘17MFA
Editor:Logan Alexander ‘17MFAZachary Dripps ‘17MFA
A couple en route to a wedding are forced to reevaluate their relationship after they run over the runaway bride.
05 of 07     2.35(letterbox) – stereo
Director: Melissa Bennett
Writer: Melissa Bennett
Producer: Alison Rose
Cinematographer: Andrew Fewsmith ’16 ‘17MFA
Editor: Xander Marzella, Melissa Bennett
After surviving a live shooting at her library, Annablle Johnson signs up for a new age virtual reality experiment to help cure her crippling anxiety; but can anxiety ever really be cured?
06 of 07     2.35(letterbox) – stereo
“Homemade Friend”
Director: Peter Harrison ’19
Writer: Peter Harrison ’19
Producer: Peter Harrison ’19
Cinematographer: Hatuey Rodriguez
Editor: Peter Harrison ’19
A sci-fi obsessed 10-year-old boy builds a cardboard robot to ruin his father’s plans.
07 of 07     2.35(letterbox) H264 – stereo
Director: Thomas Cross
Writer: Thomas Cross
Producer: Ethan Cappello
Cinematographer: Alex Benitez
Editor: Thomas Cross
Ferreira, Matt and Frank go out on the town and as Frank’s sobriety diminishes, Matt learns a truth about Frank that he cannot overlook.

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