2019 MFA – CMP Thesis

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Director: Kevin Rogers ’19MFA
Writer: Kevin Rogers ’19MFA, Patrick Kelly
Producer: Kevin Rogers ‘19MFA, Eric Moots ‘19MFA
Cinematographer: Saad Yousof ‘19MFA
Editor: Neal Wynne ‘19MFA
Chris and Fred, two clam diggers, struggle to find something more than what is in their holes.
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“Pennybrook Rd.”
Director: Emad Barakat ‘19MFA
Writer: Arianna Andrews
Producer: Songxin Xie ‘19MFA
Cinematographer: Roy de la Maza ’19
Editor: Emad Barakat ‘19MFA, Carlos Santiago Garcia ’19
An accident haunts a soon-to-be mother as she grapples with the consequences of her actions.
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“Off Beat”
Director: Derin Kiyak ‘19MFA
Writer: Derin Kiyak ‘19MFA
Producer: Eric Moots ‘19MFASongxin Xie ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Saad Yousof ’19MFA
Editor: Songxin Xie ’19MFA
Inspired by a true story, “Off Beat” tells the story of an overweight pizza delivery guy who learns to overcome his insecurities through the world of ballroom dance.
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“High Bread – C’est La Weed”
Director: Jayesh Jaidka ‘19MFA
Writer: Daniel Blanda,Jayesh Jaidka ’19MFA
Producer: Jayesh Jaidka ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Sokhean Ouk ‘19MFA, Gabriel Armstrong ’19
Editor: Jayesh Jaidka ’19MFA
A Serio-comedy about a marijuana based bakery in Boston, run by three people from different backgrounds, that break stereotypes about cultures through the franchise of the show- cannabis.
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“The Beez & The Chickadeez”
Director: Christopher Milton ‘19MFA
Writer: Kayla Richardson, Christopher Milton ’19MFA
Producer: Songxin Xie ’19MFA
Cinematographer: Sokhean Ouk (Jonny) ’19MFA
Editor: Nicholas Sweetser ’17
A comedic coming of age story about how a young couple in their senior year of high school get persuaded by their friends to lose their virginity, but their quest for sex becomes a little complex.

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