DJ Spotlight: Abby Levet


Interview by Caroline Barry

Abby Levet

“Do You Know Who You Are?” Fridays 12am-2am and “Goose Wives” Saturdays 8am-10am

Why did you join WTBU?

I joined WTBU because I wanted to surround myself with other like-minded music people. I love sharing & exchanging music with people, and I have wanted to be involved with radio since I was a kid.

Have you learned anything from WTBU?

If I’ve learned anything from being a DJ on my show (besides how to work the switchboard), I would say that I’ve gained a lot from the conversations with my fellow DJs. When we chat on air, a lot of our opinions come to the surface that we otherwise wouldn’t have discussed, and I feel like I have learned both more about them and more about their music preferences just from what we talk about on air.

What is your show like?
Every week on Goose Wives, my fellow DJs (Paul and Sophie) and I do a goose-related news story or commentary to stay true to our goose roots, so all semester we were planning what our big goose news segment would be.  We finally decided that we were going to take down Canada Goose as a corporation, which was a huge undertaking, but it was super fun to do some light research and really delve into it on air.
I am looking forward to see where we go with the goose theme and what big segment we’ll be working toward next semester.
What do you think about WTBU?
 I like that being a part of WTBU also means that I’m a part of the larger music network at BU, so if a band comes in town that I really like, I could snag a press pass to interview them and talk to them about their music.
I have also met a ton of awesome people through WTBU who have showed me some super cool music, which I’m very grateful for. Some of my best friends do radio with me and I always feel like I fit in here. I like that WTBU encompasses talk radio in addition to music because it offers other options for people to get involved if they’re not necessarily huge into music. So even if you’re not big into music or if you are and you’re trying to break in, come hang!