DJ Spotlight: Dan Portnof


Interview by Nina Miller 

Marblehead, MA

CAS- Philosophy (class of 2020)

Left of the Dial (Mondays 4-6pm)


How did you hear about WTBU radio?
I just knew that BU had a radio station and I looked at splash and got involved last year interning on Casual Vibes


What’s your favorite part of WTBU?
The fact that I can impose my musical opinions and choices on the unassuming listeners


What on your thoughts in the new studio?
It’s so amazing!I love the surround sound and weird panels that I don’t know what they do and the ergonomic table that’s just enormous!


Who’s your favorite Co-DJ?
I don’t have a favorite I can’t say, I love everyone!


Has your music taste broadened from WTBU?
Yes but in a narrow direction- I listen to more alternative rock here and because we do rotation for LOTD which is cool because it’s stuff we never played
Overall I’m still pretty rock oriented. I do really like Kendrick Lamar now though


What are your plans for WTBU radio next semester?
Hoping to be on another show ideally to be on two shows just cause I like being here.


What are you listening to right now?  
Right now I’m listening to the Talking Heads


Who is your biggest inspiration with music? Who was the first artist that made you realize music was something you love?
I think the first band I really connected with was probably either the Who or the Clash
I listened to both of them like endlessly when I was young and they really got me into music I think.
Then probably Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were after and it all kind of evolved from there


This is completely off topic, but when is the infamous Dan-Man-Bun coming back!!??
The man bun hopefully can come back in the next week or so. Depends on if my hair is still long enough to tie it back before I get it cut again lolol.