REVIEW: The Maine, The Mowgli’s, Beach Weather @ Royale 04/28

Colin Dieden of The Mowgli's by Katie Evans
Colin Dieden of The Mowgli’s by Katie Evans

From the moment the tour was announced until the day of the show, my excitement stayed at a constant high. This would be my third time seeing the Mowgli’s, my second time seeing Beach Weather, and my first show for The Maine.

Indie rockers Beach Weather opened the night with the catchy headbanger “Someone’s Disaster.” The trio, consisting of frontman Nick Santino, drummer Austin Scates and bassist Reeve Powers, began the night with songs from both their EPs: What a Drag (2015) and Chit Chat (2016). The band warmed the crowd up with ten of their most energetic songs and the audience was very receptive. Santino didn’t speak to the crowd much, but still put on a fantastic performance.

Next up was indie pop band The Mowgli’s. Based in Los Angeles County, Calif., the six-piece composed of Katie Earl (vocals), Colin Dieden (vocals/guitar), Josh Hogan (guitar), Matthew Di Panni (bass), David Appelbaum (keys) and Andy Warren (drums/percussion), opened their set with “Bad Dream.” The band spent their time on stage spreading their usual cheery and welcoming vibes. Their set continued with upbeat pop songs surrounding the central themes of comradery and happiness, like “Spacin Out” and “Whatever Forever.”

In the middle of their set, the band hesitated before starting the next song. Everyone’s eyes were on the stage in confusion. Earl requested an audience member by the name of Hannah. Once this Hannah was found, Earl asked her, “Would you like to go to prom with Peter?” We were all was shocked and exploded with cheers when the answer was “Yes.” The set continued with equal positivity from songs like “I’m Good,” their first single from album Kids in Love (2015) and “Alone Sometimes” from Where’d Your Weekend Go? (2016). Earl and Dieden continued to tell the crowd that spreading positive vibes is the way to go. They closed out their set with their biggest hit to date: “San Francisco,” from the band’s album Waiting for the Dawn (2013).

Finally, it was time for the headliner: The Maine. This was my first time seeing them, and I had no idea what to expect. The Arizona-based alternative group, consisting of John O’Callaghan (vocals, guitar), Jared Monaco (guitar), Garrett Nickelsen (bass), Kennedy Brock (rhythm guitar) and Patrick Kirch (drums), walked on stage with an incredible amount of energy. The five-piece opened their set with “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu” followed by “Am I Pretty?” In the midst of snapping pictures, I found the crowd around me having the time of their lives. I turned back to the stage, impressed by the guys’ energy. Kirch’s drumming was heard above all other instruments and O’Callaghan’s voice boomed throughout the venue as he sang, “I lose my voice when I look at you / Can’t make a noise though I’m trying to,” in the chorus of the opening song.

The band continued with its incredible performance until they performed “Girls Do What They Want” as a throwback from their first album Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (2008). O’Callaghan pulled a fan, Zach, on stage with him to sing the lyrics, “Girls do what they want / Boys do what they can.” When Zach began to belt out the wrong lyrics, O’Callaghan helped him out. But Zach was so full of excitement that his mistakes didn’t seem to matter.

After every few songs, O’Callaghan would share some advice with the audience. He told us to ignore crosswalk signs (unless there’s a truck coming). The band continued with the songs “Take What You Can Carry,” “Bad Behavior,” and my favorite, “English Girls.” The Maine never failed to bring the energy and put on an amazing show. Their final song was “Another Night on Mars,” which discusses friendship with lyrics like, “With friends like ours /  anywhere is home.” With more wise words from O’Callaghan to “drink your milk,” the band members thanked the crowd for their support and left the stage.

-Katie Evans