DJ Spotlight: Hannah Harn

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Photo/ Interview by Sophie Sachar


Hannah Harn

Astronomical Space Case (Thursdays 8am-10am)

COM, Journalism major


What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to a lot of Cage the Elephant, La Caffetteria, Kavinsky, and the Harry Styles single.


Your favorite planet and why?

My favorite planet is Pluto, because it’s the most under-appreciated among the scientific community. It needs some love, ya know?


Favorite meme?

It’s a tie between the shocked guy and the Mr. Krabs shook meme.


What got you to join WTBU?

When I was walking around at splash, wtbu felt like the most fun people. The people I met there were so wonderful and at the first interested staff meeting, I could tell that everybody really wanted to be there. And I also love that nobody takes themselves too seriously. Everybody just kinda, ya know, vibes!