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First patent at BU issued!

We are excited to share that our first patent at BU on photoacoustic neural stimulation has been issued on Jun 23, 2023. This was made possible by our talented research team including Ying Jiang, Lu Lan, Yimin Huang, Nan Zheng and Yueming Li.

Congrats, Dr. Cheng!

We congratulate our newest Ph.D. graduate Dr. Ran Cheng for successfully defending her thesis “Developing high-speed surface-enhanced Raman bioimaging platforms”. 

Congrats, Dr. Zheng!

Nan has successfully defended his Ph.D thesis in MSE. His thesis title is multifunctional photoacoustic materials for neural engineering. With an impressive publication list, this is an outstanding thesis work. We are so excited for you, Dr. Zheng! Nan will take a position in Applied Material, one of the world leading material engineering companies.  

Congrats, Vikrant and Mark!

We are excited that Vikrant Sharma, a ECE senior working in the lab in 2023 academic year, has been awarded for ECE Undergraduate Outstanding Research Award! His senior thesis is “Artificial Hearts: Photoacoustic-mediated heart organoid deveolpment for cardiovascular disease modeling”. Way to go, Vikrant! We congratulate Mark Cherepashensky for his successful defense of his MS […]

Dr. Yang was induced to AIMBE Fellow!

Dr. Yang recently became a AIMBE, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, fellow for her pioneering contributions in non-genetic neuromodulation, designing material and devices for high precision modulation for fundamental studies and clinical applications.    AIMBE fellow official announcement BU College of Engineering News BU ECE News

Congrats, Dr. Shi!

We are delighted to share that  Linli has successfully defend her Ph.D Thesis in July. Congrats, Dr. Shi. For your fearless taking on new directions, motived scientific curiosity, critical thinking and creativity, and generous support of others! We are so proud working with you.

Congrats, Nan and Linli for new progress made on photoacoutic interface for stimulation

Our work on biocompatible photoacoustic film for neuromodulation is published in ACS Nano recently. This is a collaboration between our group and Prof. David Kaplan’s group at Tufts. Congrats, Nan! We recently reviewed 4 different platforms we developed together with Dr. Ji-Xin Cheng’s group based on high precision photoacoustic neuromodulation in Neurophotonics. Congrats, Linli and […]

Meeting Congressmen

Dr. Yang participated Congress Visit Day organized by National Photonics Initiative in the week of July 19, 2021. She met staff from Representative Jake Auchincloss (MA) and Senator Ed Markey office (MA). Dr. Yang shared our research program on photonics for neural modulation and the significance of the development in fundamental studies and potential clinical […]

Single Neuron Stimulation

Our work on photoacoustic single neuron stimulation has been published by Light Science & Application. This work was led by Linli and Ying from Dr. Cheng’s group. It is so exciting to see we are extending the capability of this new technology! BU ECE also highlighted our work in a news report.