ENG EK 481: Introduction to Nanotechnology  This course explores the electronic, mechanical and optical properties of materials at the nanoscale and their applications in nano-scale devices. For more information, please view our Syllabus.

CAS CH 131: General Chemistry for the Engineering Sciences This course is intended to provide an intensive one-semester introduction to the fundamentals of chemical reactivity with developing the analytical tools required for the quantitative measurement and description of chemical reactions, the role chemical concepts played in connecting molecular structure to macroscopic properties. For more information, please view our Syllabus.

CAS CH 101: General Chemistry This course is an introductory chemistry primarily for science majors and pre-medical students. In this class, we will emphasize mathematics as a tool for the exposition and manipulation of chemical concepts, the connection between microscopic models of matter and its macroscopic properties, and the connections between applications from pure and applied research and from technology to chemistry. Please see the course website for more details. 

BME Senior Design project: 2D and 3D nanomaterial based scaffolds for neuron regeneration (2017 – 2018) The projects consist of two directions: 1) to study how the surface chemistry of 2D nanoladder scaffold would affect the growth pattern of the regenerated neurites; and 2) to fabricate 3D scaffold based on the 2D nanoladder structure to enable in vivo application for spinal cord regeneration.

ECE Senior Design project: Photoacoustic-mediated heart organoid development for cardiovascular disease modeling (2022-2023)

ECE Senior Design project: Neuron Spike Identification using Python and ML (2023-2024)

International Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU). We work with international undergraduates on developing biomaterials and photonic materials in the lab. Dr. Yang also directs the program. More details see iREC website http://sites.bu.edu/ece-ireu/