Yang Research Laboratory


The vision of our research is developing new nanomaterials with functionality gained from low dimensionality, structural and compositional complexity, and novel optical and electrical properties and for great societal impact. We adopt a “Design and Develop” strategy where we design the new nanostructures based on unique understanding gained through experiments and theories for the targeted application.

The research programs are currently focused on three major areas: (1) Interfacing Nanomaterials with Biology; (2) Understanding and designing new nanomaterials with unique optical properties for photonics and solar energy applications; (3) Nanowire architecture for electronics and photonics applications. Our research programs address scientific issues within these areas using combined ideas and techniques from physical, chemical, biological, and engineering sciences. Reflecting the interdisciplinary feature of her research, Dr. Yang holds a faculty position in Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Department of Chemistry.

We are actively recruiting talented students and postdocs that are motivated to work on nanoscience and nanotechnology. Contact us for details on openings.

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