Raquel Jimenez

Ph.D. in Environmental Health

  • Title Ph.D. in Environmental Health
  • Education Andres Bello University, M.S.
    Boston University, Ph.D.

Raquel Jimenez is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Environmental Health. She is an environmental engineer by training and holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Andres Bello University in Chile. She turned to environmental health fascinated by the complex interactions between the environment and human health. Her research interests focus on understanding the human health impacts from air pollution, vegetation, land use/land cover change and other exposures in urban settings, and how distribution of health impacts may exacerbate underlying social inequalities. She hopes her research informs policy decisions to create healthier cities and more sustainable ways of growth, especially in developing countries. Raquel also enjoys nature, biking, and playing music.

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