Randi Rotjan

Research Assistant Professor, Biology

  • Title Research Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Office BRB
  • Phone 617-353-5087

Dr Rotjan’s research focuses on various ecological processes governing marine ecosystem structuring. Many of these processes touch on areas of symbiosis, behavioral ecology, and conservation biology. She uses exploratory observations combined with manipulative experiments across multiple ecological levels, working to unite mechanistic patterns at the ecosystem, community, population, and organismal levels. Specifically, she integrates field observations in the Central Pacific, Caribbean, and New England with lab experiments focused on organismal physiology and ecology, largely focused on coral reef ecosystems and organisms.

Her lab focuses heavily on marine protected areas (specifically the Phoenix Islands Protected Area [Kiribati] and the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve [Belize]), coral physiology and organismal biology with tropical and temperate species, and on behavioral ecology of tropical marine invertebrates, including corals and crustaceans. Furthermore, her lab has a growing interest in the comparing wild versus urban and coastal ecosystems.

Expertise: Biological Response of Changing Ocean Dynamics, Human-Mediated Action via Conservation, Restoration, and/or Management, Coral Reefs, Microplastics

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