Maria Valadez Ingersoll


  • Title Biology
  • Education Swarthmore College, B.A.

Maria Valadez Ingersoll earned a B.A in both Biology and Spanish from Swarthmore College in 2020 – where she worked with Liz Vallen to express anemone proteins in yeast cells – before attending BU to pursue her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Bio with Sarah Davies and Tom Gilmore. Striving to further connect her molecular background to an environmentally relevant system, her research focuses on the molecular stress responses of coral and anemones with particular interest in the regulation of immunity and metabolism. With BU URBAN, she is investigating the effects of proximity to urban hubs on coral immunity and stress tolerance. When she’s not obsessing over the health of her lab animals, Maria enjoys biking, snowboarding, and a good glass of cheap wine. To stay up to date on Maria’s many projects, follow her on Twitter: @MVIngersoll

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