Caroline Fleming


  • Title Biology
  • Education College of the Holy Cross, B.A.

Caroline Fleming (she/her/hers) is a second year PhD student and an NSF GRFP Award Winner. She is a member of the Rotjan Marine Ecology Lab at BU, where she investigates the metabolic physiology of a temperate marine coral, Astrangia poculata, under anthropogenic urban stressors. She is particularly interested in the effect of urban pollutants on early life history stages of the coral, and how urban harbor water quality effects marine invertebrates. To this end, Caroline draws from the disciplines of mathematical modeling, larval ecology, ecological toxicology, and energetic physiology to better understand how marine organisms adapt to a changing oceanic system. An ecophysiologist at heart, Caroline has dipped her toes in population ecology, phylogeography, and epigenetics, but has found her home in the URBAN program and Rotjan Lab. When not in the lab or riffling through the nearest tide pool, you can find Caroline putting her art history minor to work at a Boston art museum, or hiking to the top of just about any peak she can find.

Check out Caroline’s talk about her research at the 2021 URBAN Spring Symposium here!

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