Amruta Nori-Sarma

Assistant Professor, Environmental Health

  • Title Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
  • Education Yale University, PhD
    Columbia University, MPH
    Princeton University, BSE

Amruta Nori-Sarma’s research focuses primarily on the impacts of climate related extreme exposures on health in vulnerable communities, both within the US and around the world. She has examined associations between extreme heat / heat wave exposures and health outcomes in urban communities in the US and in India and has assessed the effectiveness of heat action plans in reducing the impact of heat waves on health. She has also used primary data collection and spatial analysis techniques to characterize exposure to urban air pollution and associated health impacts in urban poor communities. Dr. Nori-Sarma’s current research focuses on the impact of climate extremes on mental health outcomes. Other research interests include impacts of climate exposures and air pollution on health in children, urban heat island impacts on health in communities around the US, and the development of methods to study complex mixtures of climate exposures.

Expertise: Climate change impacts on health in vulnerable, understudied communities

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