Whether it’s a Q & A spotlighting one of our trainees, hosting a panel at a Congressional Briefing, or discussing climate policy with experts and leaders in Washington D.C., we’ll keep you up to date on all things BU URBAN! 

URBAN UPDATE: February 14, 2023

By Alyssa LamMarch 24th, 2023in Event

Engaging with Decoloniality Workshop, resources for graduate students (vacation time, sick leave, etc), Department of State Panel Event, more conferences, workshops, and talks. Read more about it in the URBAN UPDATE Newsletter.

URBAN UPDATE: February 1, 2023

By Alyssa LamMarch 24th, 2023in Event

URBAN's Undergraduate Spring Office Team, 2022 Menino Survey of Mayors, BU's Institute for Global Sustainability's launch of Visualizing Energy research project, funding opportunities, Spring Events Calendar. Check out more information in the URBAN UPDATE Newsletter!

URBAN UPDATE: December 13, 2022

By Alyssa LamMarch 24th, 2023in Event

URBAN Crowdfunding Campaign, Seminar Series, Advancing Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems, BARI Conference 2023. Check out the latest URBAN UPDATE Newsletter to find out  more!

URBAN UPDATE: November 29, 2022

By Alyssa LamMarch 24th, 2023in Event

Giving Day Fundraiser, URBAN Trainee and Advisor Feedback Session, and recommended workshops, conferences, and talks. To find out more, read the latest URBAN UPDATE Newsletter.

Spring 2023 Research and Travel Awards

By BU URBAN Graduate ProgramJanuary 12th, 2023in Awards, News

We are excited to announce a funding opportunity for all BU URBAN Trainees that supports research or participation in conferences, meetings, or symposia (referred to hereafter as “conferences”). All trainees are encouraged to apply. Trainees who participate regularly in program activities will be prioritized for funding. Research Awards are made in... More

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Fall 2022 BU URBAN Trainee Feedback Session

By BU URBAN Graduate ProgramDecember 19th, 2022in Blog, News

Thank you to all who shared their feedback with us at the trainee feedback session on December 7, 2022 and through our feedback survey. We have included a summary of the input and will be responding to suggestions for improvement and recommended activities by implementing changes and sharing updates once... More

URBAN Trainees Lead Workshop to Demystify Policymaker Engagement for Fellow Early-Career Scientists

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, URBAN trainees Emma Conrad-Rooney and Sasha Gilmore hosted a workshop along with Danielle Fox from the Union of Concerned Scientists called Demystifying Policymaker Engagement: Tips for Early Career Scientists by Early Career Scientists at the 2022 National oSTEM Annual Conference. Emma and Sasha created the workshop in partnership with... More

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