Dafne wins a prestigious award from the Grunebaum Cancer Foundation

Well deserved congratulations to Dafne for becoming a Grunebaum Fellow! Every year the Grunebaum Cancer Research Foundation supports junior faculty members at Harvard and Boston University in loving memory of Ms. Karin Grunebaum (for details see the Foundation website at https://www.grunebaumfoundation.org). So glad they have recognized  the importance of Dafne's new project on mitochondrial dysfunction in lung cancer!

Stefanie receives the Russek Award for Genetics and Genomics

Today we celebrate Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day 2019, and Stefanie is the first prize award winner for the Genetics and Genomics Program. She will present her research on “The Role of GPS2 in the PI3K/AKT Pathway in Breast Cancer" in the Hiebert Lounge at 2:30 pm, with the award ceremony following at 3:40. Please join us to celebrate Stefanie and all other award winners!

4th Biochemistry Department Retreat @Thompson Island

By Valentina PerissiSeptember 28th, 2018in Lab news

Great lab trip to Thompson Island for the annual Biochem Department retreat. We had a fun day and the lab won awards in all categories - congrats to Dafne, Tanes, Steph and all other winners!! 

Stefanie (graduate student poster award), Tanes (postdoc poster award), Dafne (oral presentation award)