Welcome to the Perissi Lab!

Adaptive responses to cellular and environmental stress, including changes in nutrients availability/energy requirements, are key to the maintenance of cellular and organismal homeostasis.  Regulation of these complex processes is associated with broad changes in gene expression. Changes that need to be tightly regulated for the correct outcome to be achieved.

We are interested in understanding how the integration of different inputs is translated in fine-tuning of transcriptional regulation via the coordinated actions of signal transduction pathways and chromatin remodeling enzymes.

By understanding how cells modulate hormonal, metabolic and inflammatory gene programs in physiological conditions, we hope to contribute to clarify what happens when the same pathways are disrupted under pathological conditions.

Our research efforts are possible thanks to generous support from: NIH/NIDDK, NIH/NIGMS, Boston Nutrition and Obesity Center (BNORC), US Department of Defense, Grunebauam Cancer Foundation and Peter Paul Career Development Professorship.