Maria Dafne Cardamone (2011-2021) – Research Assistant Professor



Emma Smith (2017-2019) – Research Assistant.

Michelle Chan (2011-2013) – Research Assistant.



Yuan Gao (2017-2021) – Postdoctoral Fellow.

Young Yon Kwon (2019-2020) – Postdoctoral Fellow.

Claudia Lentucci (2013-2016) – Postdoctoral Fellow.

Sarah Hannou (2015-2016) – Postdoctoral Fellow.



Justin English (2017-2022) – Graduate Student, Molecular Pharmacology Program.

Joey Orofino (2016-2021) – Graduate Student, PiBS Program, Biochemistry Track.

Emma Smith (2020-2021) – MSc Student, MAMS Program.

Stefanie Chan (2017-2020) – Graduate Student, PiBS Program, Genetics and Genomics Track.

Ayesha Abdullah (2018-2019) – MSc Student, MAMS Program.

Aaron Shambley (2018-2019)MSc Student, Nutrition and Metabolism Program.

Carly T. Cederquist (2011-2017) – Graduate Student, Cellular and Molecular Biology Program.

Jiawen Huang (2014-2015) – MSc  Student, Nutrition and Metabolism Program.



Aanya Singhal (2020-2022) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biology). UROP Awardee Spring 2022

Megan Sheeran (2018-2021) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biology). UROP Awardee Summer and Fall 2019, Summer and Fall 2020. 

Francesca Luca (2019-2020) – Visiting Master Student (University of Torino, Italy)

Jungxiang Xu (2019-2020) – Visiting Master Student (Bioinformatics Program, Northeastern University)

Kevin Kuang (2018-2019) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biology). Honors Thesis in Biology.

Vanessa Hayashi (2015-2018) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). BMB Honors Research Thesis, Kilachand Honors College Keystone & UROP Awardee Summer and Fall 2016, Spring and Summer 2017. 

Saai Anugraha T. Suryan (2017)- Visiting  Graduate Student (University of Texas at Dallas)

Jamie Afghani (2015-2017) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). UROP&New England Biolabs Summer Undergraduate Research Award 2017.

Kayla M. Pena (2015-2017) – Undergraduate Researcher (SAR, Health Science). UROP Awardee Spring 2017.

Shivani Metha (2016) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Amanda Lopacinski (2015) – Undergraduate Exchange Student (Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences/Met College)

Holly E. Johnson (2013-2015) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Chemistry and Biochemistry). Honors Research Thesis & UROP Awardee Summer 2014.

Shama Patel (2013) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Mina Mamdouh Sorial Youssef (Summer 2014)- Visiting  Graduate Student (University of Alexandria, Egypt).

Sherry Prasad (2012-2013) – Undergraduate Researcher (Seven-Year Program of Liberal Arts and Medical Education). UROP Awardee Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013.

Jaclyn Andricovich (2012-2013) – Undergraduate Researcher (Metropolitan College). UROP Awardee Summer 2012, Fall 2012.

Roger McLaughlin (2012) – Undergraduate Researcher (CAS, Biology).