PAMLab at NWAV49

Congratulations to lab affiliates on their acceptances to the 49th meeting of New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV49):

  • PhD student Danielle Dionne and Prof. Chang will be giving a talk entitled “Linguistic unity and diversity among Asian Americans in Boston”.
  • Prof. Erker will be giving a talk entitled “Filled pauses and the conservative contours of contact-induced change – Data from Spanish in Boston”.
  • Prof. Erker is also a co-author (with Gregory Guy and Rafael Orozco) on the talk “Homogeneity and heterogeneity in null subjects: A cross-linguistic and cross-community comparison”.
  • Prof. Lindsey is chairing the symposium “Variation off the beaten path: Continuing the conversation”.
  • Prof. Lindsey is also a co-author (with Katherine Strong) on a talk entitled “Investigating an emergent style in Ende: Evidence from covariation of stopping and retraction by women orators in Papua New Guinea”.

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