PAMLab at NWAV 48

Profs. Erker and Lindsey are headed to the University of Oregon for presentations at this week’s New Ways of Analyzing Variation conference (NWAV 48)!

Prof. Erker is giving a talk in the Friday morning Constraints session: “Is lexical frequency overrated?” (9:45am, EMU Cedar & Spruce).

Prof. Lindsey is on two presentations: the first is part of the Thursday morning workshop Variation off the Beaten Track: Expanding Our Understanding of Social Structures (10:00-11:45am, EMU Crater Lake N), while the second (with Katherine Anne Strong and Prof. Katie Drager) is in the Friday morning What’s So Standard about Standards? special session (“Linking prestige with power: Gender, oration, and variable affrication in Ende”, 8:55am, EMU Gumwood).

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