Welcome to this summer’s labbies!

Welcome to the three students who will be joining the lab this summer:

  • Celia Anderson (interning from June 24 to August 2) is a rising sophomore majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Her interests are in modeling language and language learning, prosody, second language acquisition (especially of East Asian languages), bilingual language acquisition, and heritage speakers.
  • Harper Pollio-Barbee (interning from May 20 to August 23) is a rising junior majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science at Brandeis University. His interests are in phonetics, phonology, and computational linguistics.
  • Xiaoyi Tang (interning from May 15 to August 15) is a second-year master’s student in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Pennsylvania. Her interests are in second language learning, speech perception, phonetic variation, and sociophonetics.

And a warm welcome back to Aspen, Michael, and Shane!

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