Current Students


Jonathan Chamberlain Jonathan Chamberlain ( | Personal Webpage)

Jonathan has a background in Mathematical Logic and Applied Mathematics (Boston University ’12) and worked in the Healthcare IT industry as a Technical Services Support Analyst for Epic Systems Corporation and a Business Analyst for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in Madison, Wisconsin; subsequently returning to BU in the LEAP and Systems Engineering MS Program in Fall 2016, graduating in 2019 and continuing into the Computer Engineering PhD program.

His current research focus is in resource management in 5G/6G wireless communications and edge computing networks. Specifically, he leverages techniques from operations research, game theory, and queuing theory to analyze user agent behavior in allocation of wireless spectrum allocation and compute nodes in Kubernetes-based nodes given adversaries targeting auto-scaling mechanisms in Economic Denial of Sustainability attacks.

Sevval Simsek (

Sevval has a background in Computer Sciences and Engineering, and completed her BSc and MSc studies in Sabanci University (Turkey), where she also completed a Mathematics minor program. She completed her Master’s with a thesis focused on secure and privacy preserving identification in IoT network communications, and subsequently joined the BU Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD Program in 2021.

Her current research is Improving Cyber Security Operations using Knowledge Graphs, which is carried on in collaboration with Red Hat. The project explores possibilities to enhance security analysis tools’ accuracy using the vulnerability and weakness data and the trends in National Vulnerability Database (NVD) CVE history, as well as utilizing a knowledge graph representing NVD data to predict upcoming updates to the NVD.


Kevin (Xingyu) Chen Kevin (Xingyu) Chen ( | Github)

Kevin’s current research focuses on data reconciliation protocols of (blockchain) network and open source library (Gensync) providing a variety of data synchronization protocols. He has contributed to the measurement and development of a novel synchronization protocol (SREP). He is one of the maintainers of Gensync and helped publish software package on various platforms including macports, homebrew and Debian.


Thomas Poimenidis Thomas Poimenidis (

As an undergraduate computer engineering student in NISLAB, Thomas’s work consists of testing, updating, and developing synchronization protocols within the GenSync library. Additionally, Thomas is currently focusing on expanding the set of example programs with the goal of simplifying the process of learning to use the library.

Anish Sinha Anish Sinha (

As an undergraduate research assistant, Anish’s work consists of developing, updating, and testing data reconciliation protocols for GenSync, an open-source data synchronization framework supported by NISLAB. His current focus is on the Bloom Filter Sync and MET-IBLT Sync. The GenSync project aims to provide state-of-the-art protocols in C++ for synchronizing dispersed data at high efficiency with minimum communication and computation cost.

Nathan Strahs (
Howell Xia Howell Xia ( | Personal Webpage | Github)

Howell is an undergraduate Computer Engineering major graduating in Spring 2025 at Boston University, with a minor in Mechanical Engineering and a concentration in Machine Learning. He is currently working with the knowledge graph team, where they are embedding threat and vulnerability databases into a knowledge graph data structure with machine learning models. Using the knowledge graph, they can then predict the behavior of associations between database entries, such as the likelihood of new associations being added or previous associations being removed.

Jilin Zheng Jilin Zheng (

Jilin’s current project is investigating the auto-scaling behavior of Kubernetes under adversarial, Economic Denial-of-Service (EDoS) attacks (in particular Yo-yo attacks). Consequently, he has been working with tools such as MicroK8s, Prometheus, Grafana, and JMeter.

Alumni (partial list)


  • Pranet Sharma (Software Engineer, Viasat)
  • Shubham Arora, (Software Engineer, AWS)
  • Sean Brandenburg, (Backend Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP)
  • John Mikulskis, (Software Engineer, Google)
  • Nataša Trkulja, (Research Assistant, University of Ulm)
  • Trishita Tiwari B.S. (PhD Student, Cornell CIS)
  • Bowen Song, M.S. (PhD Student, USC CS)
  • Steven So, M.S. (Software Engineer, Dell EMC)
  • Max Timchenko (Site Reliability Engineer)
  • Sinem Kockan ( (Dell)
  • Aylin Turhan ( (Bloomberg)
  • Cankut Orakcal (orakcal@BU.EDU) (Bloomberg)
  • Jiaxi Jin ( (HP Labs)
  • Lokesh Ravindranathan ( (Mathworks)
  • Stephen Chao ( (Bloomberg)
  • Meijun Wang (
  • Angad Singh ( (Capital IQ)
  • Tunde Agboola ( (Wellington Management)
  • Vikas Chauhan (Senior Software Architect, Tradestone Software)
  • Andrew Hagedorn ( (Capital IQ)
  • Ido Hochman (IT Business Manager at D.B. Zwirn)
  • Emily Hostage (Harvard Law)
  • Yuqing Ke (Akamai Technologies, Inc.)
  • Chris Malladi (Systems Engineer, General Dynamics)
  • Jie Meng (
  • Ethan Robbins (Senior Engineer, Cavium Networks)
  • Geoff Rowland ( (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Matt Schoen ( (Co-Founder, Defective Studios)
  • Daniel Sumorok ( (BBN)
  • William Stucker ( (Hardware Engineer, Cavium Networks)
  • Joseph Varghese (
  • Vyas Venkataraman ( (Nvidia Inc)
  • Rachanee Ungrangsi (PhD student, Shinawatra University)
  • Christopher Vermilion ( (CTO/Co-founder at Roobiq)
  • Lulu Curiel (nee Wang) (iMac Business Manager, Apple)
  • Abraham Yaar ( (Google)
  • Sunny Ngan (nsunnyn@BU.EDU)
  • Matthew Boyle ( (DebtX)
  • Idan Warsawski ( (AppCard)
  • Avi Klausner ( (GE Aviation)
  • Andres Guedez ( (Akamai Technologies)
  • Danny Morris ( (IBM)