June 2020 | Prof. Starobinski receives funding from BU Hariri Institute of Computing & Honda Research Institute Europe to pursue research on security for connected vehicles. Read more here and here.

June 2020 | Prof. Starobinski receives the 2020 Spring Research Incubation Awards from BU Hariri Institute for Computing. Read more here.

June 2020 | Johannes Becker, Novak Boškov, Prof. Starobinski, and Prof. Trachtenberg are among those BU ECE members that are helping fight the coronavirus with computing. Read more here [1, 2, 3].

May 2020 | Anas Imtiaz, Prof. David Starobinski, and Prof. Ari Trachtenberg win best paper award at IEEE ICBC 2020 for research on Bitcoin. Read more here.

July 2019 | Johannes Becker and Prof. Starobinski find that a third-party algorithm can track the location of some Bluetooth devices. Read more here.

January 2019 | Trishita Tiwari and Prof. Trachtenberg discover a new vulnerability (page cache hacking) in Windows and Linux operating systems in their recent research paper. Read more here.

November 2017 | Prof. Trachtenberg serves as the TPC co-Chair of the SSS 2017 Conference (Computer Security and Information Privacy Track).

September 2017 | Prof. Starobinski receives funding from OnBoard Security to pursue research on Automotive Security. Read more here.

September 2017 | Prof. Starobinski receives a $500K NSF grant titled “Strategic Management of Advance Reservations in Cloud and Network Services”.

April 2017 | Prof. Starobinski joins the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (T-IFS).

October 2016 | Liangxiao Xin, David Starobinski and Guevara Noubir are awarded “Best Paper” for their paper “Cascading DoS Attacks on Wi-Fi Networks,”at the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (IEEE CNS 2016).

September 2016 | Prof. Trachtenberg is promoted to ECE Associate Chair for Master’s Studies.

February 2016 | Prof. Trachtenberg & Prof. Starobinski receive a $800K NSF grant titled “Unifying Data Synchronization”

October 2015 | Congratulation to Emir Kavurmacioglu  and Wei Si for successfully defending their thesis

September 2015 | Congratulation to Morteza Hashemi for successfully defending his thesis

August 2014 | Prof. Starobinski receive a $450K NSF grant titled “Strengthening Wi-Fi Network Wide”

April 2014 | Eran Simhon’s poster, titled “Advance Reservation Games”, wins the Hariri Award for Innovative Computing Models, Algorithms, and Systems in BU scholars day.

April 2014 | Morteza Hashemi poster “Delete-and-Conquer: Novel Digital Fountain Codes for Intra-car Wireless Networking” is one of the honorable mentions posters By CISE in BU scholar day.

May 2013 | Morteza Hashemi and Wei Si both win the Center for Reliable Information Systems and Cybersecurity Award as well as the Provost’s Award in Scholars Day, the annual Boston University graduate student research symposium. Read more at

May 2013 | Ari Trachtenberg receives the ECE Award for Excellence in Teaching. Read more at

April 2013 | Emir Kavurmacioglu wins the CISE First Prize at the BU Scholar day. Read more at