The work performed in the Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems is supported in part by:

The National Science Foundation:

  • “Facilitating Novel Modalities for Spectrum Sharing between Earth-Observing Microwave Radiometers and Commercial Users” (AST-2229104)
  • “Building Resilience into Blockchains” (CNS-2210029)
  • “Facilitating Spectrum Access by Noise Guessing” (ECCS-2128517)
  • “Toward a Science of Vehicular Epidemiology: Computing, Control, and Security” (CCF-2006628)
  • “Collaborative Research: The Interplay of Markets and Security in 5G Shared Spectrum Services” (CNS-1908087)
  • “Strategic Management of Advance Reservations in Cloud and Network Services” (CNS-1717858)
  • “Strengthening Wi-Fi Network Wide” (CNS-1409053)
  • “CAREER: Practical Data Synchronization: Minimizing Communication” (CCR-0133521)
  • “A Scalable Middleware for Data Reconciliation in PDAs and Mobile Networks” (ANI-0240333)
  • “CAREER: Quality of Service Engineering with Multiple Time-Scale Traffic” (ANI-0132802)
  • “NeTS-NOSS: SensorNet Architectures for Indoor Location Detection” (CNS 0435312)
  • “A theory of monitoring based on identifying codes and their variants” (CCF-0729158)
  • “Securing the Open Softphone” (CNS-1012910)
  • “Collaborative Research: Boosting Inter-Domain Scheduled Dynamic Circuit Services (SDCS)” (CNS-1117160)
  • “Large-Scale Software Dissemination in Stochastic Wireless Networks” (CCF-0916892)
  • “Promoting Secondary Spectrum Markets via Profitability-Driven Methods and Algorithms” (CCF-0964652)

The US Department of Energy

  • “A Theory of Stability in Communication Networks” (DE-FG02-04ER25605).

The US Department of Defense

  • “FAUST: Finite-field Algebra for Unbeatable Situational awareness in Tactical networks (Phase II SBIR)”

General Motors Israel Ltd

  •  “Wireless Sensor Networks in an Automotive Environment”

NASA Goddard

  • Subcontract from SSCI, “Self-Forming Extensible Lunar Extra Vehicular Activity Network (SELENE) Phase II.”

Honda Research Institute Europe & BU Hariri Institute of Computing

  • “Automated Threat Modeling for Connected Vehicles”

Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University

  • “Improving Cyber Security Operations using Knowledge Graphs”


This support is gratefully acknowledged.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation and/or the US Department of Energy.