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Sophie Johnson

The Holyoke District Court provides immediate access to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and other treatment and recovery services to criminal-justice involved individuals through the Holyoke Early Access to Recovery and Treatment (HEART) Program. On-site peer recovery coaches (PRC) connect participants with recovery and treatment services. They aimed to understand participants’ treatment experiences, perception […]

Autumn Gagnon

Holyoke, Massachusetts is geographically located on what is known as the “heroin highway.” While the whole country faces the opioid crisis, Holyoke and its predominately Hispanic population especially struggles with this epidemic. As there is great overlap between those who present before the court and those with a substance use disorder, we aimed to mitigate […]

Deanna Sarsour

Deanna Sarsour completed her project at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and focused on the need for culturally competent educational materials for patients. Deanna specifically looked at resources pertaining to self-monitored blood pressure monitors. She says about her project: “The goal of this project was to improve health equity in the East Boston community […]

Toulia Nwabunnia

“The goal of this quality improvement project was to review and recommend updated housing assessment questions, identify vulnerable populations through patient data, educate staff on resources to better connect patients to housing support, identify areas for improvement at BMC in regards to partnerships with housing resources,  identify resources specifically for patients vulnerable to exclusion by […]

Resource: Mass DPH COVID-19 Vacccine Training Site

NEPHTC is encouraging Massachusetts public health professionals to share the free trainings available on the MACOVIDVAX free training site: https://macovidvax.populationhealthexchange.org/. The trainings bundle currently covers COVID-19 Vaccine Storage, Handling, Administration and Safety. These training sessions are designed for health care providers, vaccine coordinators, and all health care personnel who handle and/or administer COVID-19 vaccines. Please […]

Collaboration with New England Rural Health Association

NEPHTC is pleased to announce that NEPTHC’s 2021 Workforce Development Needs Assessment will be conducted in partnership with the New England Rural Health Association.  Kathi Traugh, Director of Public Health Workforce Development for NETPHTC’s partner Yale School of Public Health, Practice Office, and Hope Kenefick, NEPTHC Evaluator will be conducting the Needs Assessment. Kathi, Hope […]