NEPHTC Trainings Listed on DPH Website for CHWs

NEPTHC was delighted to hear from Erica Guimaraes, Program Coordinator of the Office of Community Health Workers at the MA Department of Public Health, that our Trainings for Community Health Workers have now been listed on their website.  “We are happy to make trainings for CHWs widely accessible by pointing to trainers who serve Community Health Workers,” said Erica.

NEPHTC is dedicated to working with CHW trainers, experts, and associations across the six states of New England, to support the training of this essential workforce, especially during these tough times.  NEPHTC has contractual and non contractual collaborations with a wide range of partners with serving community health workers.

“Community Health Workers are essential to marginalized communities during this difficult time,” says Karla Todd, Program Manager for NEPHTC.  We are delighted to invest our educational technology skills to making programming available to these important members of the public health workforce.  In fact, we are just kicking off a new Massachusetts Community Health Worker Association series, starting with a workshop on the end of the eviction moratorium.  We’ll be working on new workshops with MACHW until mid-2021.