PHTC Content Area Accomplishments on National Webinar

Kathi Traugh, of the Yale School of Public Health, represented the New England Public Health Training Center, on a national webinar hosted by NNPHI on recent accomplishments in our content area, Preparedness.

Third Thursday Content Area

The PHLN (Public Health Learning Network) is composed of ten Public Health Training Centers, each covering a wide range of public health topics as well as a key content area, and a central coordinating center, the National Network of Public Health Institutes.

The list of each public health training center and their key content areas can be found here as well as below.

Webinar of Key Accomplishments in Content Area

On the March Third Thursday nationally hosted NNPHI call, all of the training centers shared 1-2 key accomplishments about their work in their assigned content area over the last 3.5 years. They had some really great work to share, and I thought it would be of interest to you. The slides can be found here, and the full recording is here:

Region 1: New England Public Health Training Center: Preparedness

Region 2: Region 2 Public Health Training Center: Health Equity

Region 3: Mid Atlantic Public Health Training Center: Health Infomatics

Region 4: Region 4 Public Health Training Center: Infectious Disease

Region 5: Great Lakes Public Health Training Collaborative: Environmental Public Health

Region 6: South Central Public Health Training Center: Behavioral Health 

Region 7: Midwest Public Health Training Center: Diabetes

Region 8: Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center: Cancer

Region 9: Western Region Public Health Training Center:  Nutrition, Obesity

Region 10: Northwest Center for Public Health Practice: Violence and Injury Prevention