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2 Day Food Styling, Writing, and Photography Class

In this hands-on, multipart, one-and-half-day workshop, Sheryl Julian and Sally Vargas will guide participants through what it takes to style, shoot, and write about food in a compelling and successful way. Former food editor for the Boston Globe, Julian is a cookbook author, food stylist, and writer with over thirty years of experience in food media. […]

The 10 Commandments of Food Photography

Photos and Article by Jerrelle Guy (@chocolateforbasil) Photography is just another way of communicating, and successful photography communicates as clearly as possible while also making the viewer feel something; when talking about food photography, hopefully that feeling is “hungry”. Here is a list of 10 food-capturing commandments for shooting food that can make any viewer stop in […]

Notes from the International Conference on Food Styling and Photography at BU

by Meg Jones Wall “How many photographers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Ten. One to screw it in, and nine others to say, ‘Oh, I could’ve done that.’ ” You may not be laughing, but Clare Ferguson’s joke was a big hit at this weekend’s third bi-annual International Conference on Food Styling […]