Owen Lannon

B.A. Student, Boston University

  • Title B.A. Student, Boston University
  • Education BA in Archaeological & Environmental Sciences, Boston University, expected 2023

Areas of Interest

Environmental Archaeology; Paleoethnobotany (macrobotanicals); Stable Isotope Analysis; Environmental Reconstruction; Hellenistic Levant; Ancient Near East

Research Interests & Fieldwork

My research interests involve understanding human-environmental interactions through paleoethnobotany and other methods of environmental analysis. This includes reconstructing agricultural economies with macrobotanicals, paleoclimatology, stable isotope analysis, and other statistical methods of analysis. Specifically, my research focuses on areas in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic period, understanding changes in human environmental relationships and impacts during periods of significant social and cultural change.


UROP: Reconstructing the Hellenistic Agricultural Economy in the Greater Galilee Region. Faculty Mentor: John Marston
Tel Shimron, Israel
Khirbet el-’Eika, Israel

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