Alexander Dorr

Ph.D. Student, Boston University

  • Title Ph.D. Student, Boston University
  • Education BA, University of California Santa Barbara, 2020

Areas of Interest

Archaeobotany/Paleoethnobotany; Zooarchaeology; Archaeology of Colonialism and Empire; Environmental Archaeology; Food and Identity; Archaeology of the American Southeast; Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean

Research Interests & Fieldwork

I am interested in analyzing shifts in subsistence strategies and their effects on the local ecology of communities affected by the expansion and/or collapse of empires. Methodologically, I aim to utilize both macrobotanical and zooarchaeological specimens as complementary datasets, in order to explore the full scope of the subsistence regime at my sites of study. I have previously been involved in research projects exploring issues of colonization in the context of the American Southeast, and by analyzing macrobotanical datasets I sought to understand how colonization affected both the social and physical worlds of the Cherokee throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I am currently planning on applying these perspectives and approaches to the Eastern Mediterranean, specifically examining the effects of conquest on regional populations during the Hellenistic period.


Tel Shimron, Israel

Khirbet-el-‘Eika, Israel

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