Speakers 2021

Keynote Speaker

Cheri Paulson, senior director for the Graduate Center for Career Development at Babson College

Cheri Paulson portrait

Cheri Paulson is the senior director for the Graduate Center for Career Development at Babson College where she provides strategic direction, oversight of the career advisory team and operational deliverables. With her team, she services the needs of graduate students, including best-in-class career management education, while enhancing employer relationships to provide Babson students with maximum career success and real world experiences.

Paulson has extensive career management expertise spanning 20 years with Keystone Associates, a premier outplacement consulting firm that specializes in coaching executive clients during their job-search transition. As the senior vice president and director of operations at Keystone, Paulson was responsible for building a high-performing and best-in-class team of career consultants, providing strategic leadership and partnering with business development to enhance key corporate relationships. She personally coached numerous executive clients with diverse backgrounds and industries frequently receiving top survey ratings.

Paulson earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Boston College and her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.


Presentation 1: Destination Partner

  • Team members: Miao Yang, Chao Huang, Zhongyun Chen, Qianqiao Fang, Fanfan Kong, Xin He, Jiandong Ren, Qinyu Cheng
  • Project mentor: Yiyan Zhang
  • Project page

Presentation 2: Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center (FitRec)

  • Team members: Dannie Annecston, Mandy Chou, Dongpeng Huang, Jessica Li
  • Project mentor: Alexis Shore
  • Project page

Presentation 3: The City of Melrose

  • Team members: Kelsey Ffrench, Xiangbo He, Amanda King, Yue Su, Luying Wang, Yandan Wang
  • Project mentor: Alexis Shore
  • Project page

Presentation 4: Dr. Marialuz Moreno Badia, Deputy Division Chief in the International Monetary Fund’s Fiscal Affairs Department

  • Team members: Huaiyu Chen, Botao Jiang, Meiqi Liu, Leqi Mei, Moiketsi Thipe, Xiewen Wu, Sihan Zhang, Yang Zhou, and Erik Krumins
  • Project mentors: Drs. Chris Chao Su and Lei Guo
  • Project page

Presentation 5: Twitter

  • Team members: Michael Clarke, Maoxin Zhou, Siming Zhang, Xiwu Zhang, Yijun Ye
  • Project mentor: Briana M. Trifiro
  • Project page

Presentation 6: Brigham and Women’s Hospital

  • Team members: Caitlin Amorin, Camila Beiner, James Crissman, Alanna Garcia, Karime Harfush, Haiting Hu, Mingkun Huang, and Remi Jiang
  • Project mentor: Chawannuch Chaikulngamdee
  • Project page

Presentation 7: Program Design and Development team for Professional Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • Team members: Nikki Chang, Ke Jin, Miao Li, Amy Lin, Sharlene Minosa, Yusi Shi, Yanfei Wu, and Shuran Xiong
  • Project mentor: Rebecca Auger
  • Project page