Domestic Violence Amid COVID-19

I created an infographic to bring awareness to the sudden surges of domestic violence cases around the world, and more specifically the United States, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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  1. Jo,
    This is so creative, timely, and well executed. I know that in Massachusetts on a few of Governor Baker’s daily press conferences, the various leaders have discussed the steps taken to protect survivors and let the public know about available resources in the state. At least from what I can tell, Massachusetts has been very proactive in this area amidst everything going on, which is great to see. They expanded their capabilities for SafeLink, the state-wide 24/7 free and confidential domestic violence hotline (Purvis & Pugliese, 2020). I really like how you outlined the various forms of domestic abuse, and the unique circumstances that make this difficult time even more difficult for those in abusive home situations. Thank you for bringing this topic to the forefront. Great job!


    Purvis, L., & Pugliese, K. (April 9, 2020). “Stay-at-home advisory causes uptick in sexual assault and domestic violence cases.” Western Mass News. Accessed April 20, 2020 at:

  2. Hi Jo,

    What a great idea. Your infographic was clear, visually appealing, jarring, and included very valuable information. My favorite part was that you list and define the different types of abuse. I feel that many people are still unaware of the different classifications. I also really liked how you incorporated statistics from some of the major U.S. cities. It really helps establish the severity of the issue. Additional, the three statistics on firearms back to back were extremely effective in relaying how dangerous domestic abuse especially with firearms present. Great job.


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