Trauma and its impact on our body

Trauma and how trauma impacts the brain is something that I find interesting.  In my previous semester, one of the books I had read dealt specifically with how trauma impacts our brain and our body.  One thing that I think is incredibly interesting, is that they found that part of your brain essentially shuts down when you have a flashback or memory of a traumatic event.  The idea that an event can be so distressing and traumatic that it shuts down part of one of the most important organs that is responsible for keeping us alive.  This is something that I would want to research further in the future and learn more about.  Knowing that trauma can stunt our brain function, as well as be the source of multiple different illnesses and stressors makes me wonder if, as more research comes out as our technology advances, if there will be different and more ways that come out for treating trauma.    

DER, K. B. V. (2015). Body keeps the score brain, mind. PENGUIN Books.

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