TRIP REDCap Registry

Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP)

Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) is a community-engaged pragmatic implementation trial that aims to reduce delays in initiation and completion of quality breast cancer care for vulnerable inner-city women. The intervention package includes patient navigation guidelines, a training plan, a patient registry that promotes care coordination across participating hospitals, and a web-based social determinants of health screening tool that identifies potential barriers to treatment and local referral opportunities.

Novel Use of REDCap as a Clinical Tool

The TRIP team has thought beyond the typical research use of REDCap, utilizing the HIPAA compliant REDCap platform as a real time patient registry that is shared across six health systems in Boston, MA. The REDCap Registry is embedded into the navigator workflow and allows patient navigators to share medical information to Registry users across hospitals systems in a way that institutional medical record systems do not allow. This navigator tool produces reports that prioritize the navigator’s caseload and directs them with an actionable list of patients with pending navigation needs. The registry allows communication between navigators, specifically around patients receiving care in more than one location or transferring care between institutions, to prevent delays and gaps in care.

Technical Development and Features of the REDCap Registry

The TRIP Registry uses multiple REDCap projects and dynamic SQL joins to provide a seamless data entry and communication system for patient navigators, utilizing data entry forms, tracking reports, and integrated links to external partners. The registry facilitates transitions between patient navigators (PNs) and health care centers by encouraging PNs to use the REDCap forms and REDCap Messenger to communicate with each other across institutions. REDCap data are integrated with external data sources using SAS to create additional data cleaning and summary reports for the research team, enabling sites to track adherence to protocol and best practices.

2020 REDCap Con Presentation

REDCapCon Presentation

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