Author: Chandramouli Chandrasekaran

New paper in Journal of Mathematical Psychology

Our first paper from the new lab – Audiovisual detection at various intensities and delays has been accepted into Journal of Mathematical Psychology Chandrasekaran C, Gondan MG, Audiovisual detection at different intensities and delays, under revision for Journal of Mathematical Psychology, see biorxiv preprint (link). In this paper, we modeled the accuracy (i.e., hit rate) […]

New toolbox for modeling decision-making behavior

If you are like me and obsessed about understanding the reaction times and choice behavior of monkeys performing cognitive tasks, then check out our new toolbox, CHaRTr, which has the ability to use a wide range of decision-making models to describe behavior. The biorxiv paper is here and the toolbox is available here :)  

COSYNE submission accepted as a poster

Matt golub, a collaborator of mine from Stanford will be presenting our work titled “Joint neural-behavioral models of perceptual decision making”. Matt has worked on a new framework to train RNNs to model both the neural data and behavior simultaneously. He will be presenting this work at COSYNE.