openEyeTrack – A high speed multi-threaded eye tracker for head-fixed applications

Check out our new tool, openEyeTrack, a low-cost open-source high-speed eye tracker for tracking eye position in head-fixed applications. This was a summer project for a talented undergraduate in the lab, Jorge Paolo Casas. We were able to architect a multi-threaded eye tracker using OpenCV, Teledyne DALSA Camera, and C++. We are currently running behavioral experiments to validate the eye tracker for general use in psychophysical experiments and to derive estimates of accuracy. Work inspired by this oculomatic paper by Jan Zimmerman et al.

  1. Paper is available here:DOI badge
  2. Code is available here.
  3. The archived V1.0.0 version of the software is available on Zenodo.DOI


Jan Zimmermann, Yuriria Vazquez, Paul W. Glimcher, Bijan Pesaran, Kenway Louie (2016),  Oculomatic: High speed, reliable, and accurate open-source eye tracking for humans and non-human primates, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 270, 138-146,


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