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Boston 25 Investigates: Gulf War Illness

Check out the 25 Investigates segment on Gulf War Illness highlighting the work done at Boston University School of Public Health. Following the 30th anniversary of the Gulf War Operation Desert Storm, Boston 25 News features BBRAIN in an investigative piece on Gulf War research.

Neuroimaging Markers for Studying Gulf War Illness

In a sample population of veterans from the Gulf War Illness Consortium (GWIC), multiple different neuroimaging techniques were applied to look for diagnostic biomarkers. Statistical analyses compared T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (T1W-MRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), and novel neurite density imaging (NDI). Results supported previous findings that NDI is most effective in distinguishing characteristics of […]

Plasma Autoantibodies as a Diagnostic Tool for GWI

This study, featured on the cover of this issue of the Brain Sciences journal, puts forth groundbreaking implications for diagnosing Gulf War Illness (GWI). Adding to the frustration of GWI, is the fact that to date, there isn’t an objective tool for diagnosis. Findings of this research revealed significant elevation in Central Nervous System (CNS) […]

Chemical Weapons Exposure & mTBI: Imaging in Veterans with GWI

High-order diffusion MRI has previously been shown the ability discriminate between different stages of neuroinflammatory signaling. Applying an innovative method, known as Neurite density imaging, (to high-order difussion MRI), researchers confirmed its ability to accurately distinguish between veterans with and without GWI. Looking specifically at the effects of chemical/biological weapons exposures and mild traumatic brain […]

Dr. Kimberly Sullivan Receives 2019 Soaring Eagle Award

The Soaring Eagle Award is presented annually by The Center for Military Health recognizing significant contributions to the health of our nation’s Veterans and active military. The Strategic Advisory Board of The Center for Military Health selected Dr. Sullivan as 2019’s Soaring Eagle recipient for her decades of commitment to Gulf War Illness research. Read […]

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Professor Makes Netflix Debut on “Diagnosis”

Dr. Lisa Sanders, author of New York Times column, turned docuseries, Diagnosis seeks answers for rare and mysterious medical conditions. Episode three of the Netflix series features BU’s own Dr. Kimberly Sullivan, assistant professor of Environmental Health, who Sanders dubs as the country’s “leading expert” in Gulf War Illness. Check out episode three, “The Wisdom […]

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Gulf War Veterans “Aging” Faster.

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health featured Gulf War Research as their March 2019 cover story. BUSPH’s Dr. Kimberly Sullivan, explains that many Gulf War Veterans are displaying “accelerated aging,” presenting with chronic conditions at rates usually associated with those 10 years their senior. Clara Zundel, lead author and doctoral student at […]


CDMRP 2018 Gulf War Illness Highlights

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) included Gulf War Illness Clinical Trials and Interventions Consortium (GWICTIC) and Boston Biorepository, Recruitment, and Integrative Network (BBRAIN) in their 2018 GWI Research Highlights. These consortia are the headed by Dr. Nancy Klimas (Nova Southeastern) and Dr. Kimberly Sullivan (Boston University).

Military Women’s Health Symposium

On September 13th, the Boston University Medical Campus held, A Call to Arms: Advancing Women’s Health Research in the Military. The symposium emphasized the gaps in research of military women’s health.